In my personal life I like to go by "Authen-Nik".  Combining my REALness and my real name Nakiah!

A few years back I struggled with anxiety and feeling disconnected with my true self. I used cannabis for social reasons but mainly to help ease my anxiety from an un-fulfilling job, relationships, family and constantly focusing on financials.  I started to educate myself and combine cannabis with crystal healing, essential oil blends, mediation, and tarot readings (& loc'd my hair) which in turn set me free in so many ways.  After I got on the path to healing, taking accountability, practicing discipline and just being myself I was able to re-align my energy and cultivate a higher lifestyle for myself. I soon realized how I was able to shifted and healed my mindset was not being talked about within my community or mainstream media and that's when THKi Healer was born.  In 2020 I made sure I set myself on a path to create a space for educating, healing and cultivating a higher lifestyle for others. I pride myself (& my business) on being authentic and intentional in the work, products and connections I make. Products are all natural and handmade intentionally for your luxurious healing lifestyle.



The work doesn't stop there! Not only do I want to help you heal and realign your energy, but I want to take that one step further and help you create GENERATIONAL WEALTH! Lets get you in the Cannabis business. Whether you want to start your own business or get a job in the industry, I am here to help. Step foot into an industry that wants to keep black people LOCKED UP and LOCKED OUT of...

Let’s Work!